We are a group of biologist, scientists, ecologists and engineers who believe we can change the world

While Pugo Systems is relatively new to the market, it has been 12 years in the making. Along the way, many prototypes and modifications were made, bearing little resemblance to Pugo Systems as it exists today. The initial idea of designing a simple, reliable, and affordable residential wastewater treatment system finally became a reality in 2015. After more than a decade of concept development, testing, and product development Adelante Consulting is pleased to bring Pugo Systems to market.

Our company strongly believes in “doing well, while doing good”. This credo is made manifest in our work, where we offer innovative strategies and solutions to individuals, communities, and organizations to help them prosper in the face of challenges. Adelante has a built a reliably successful track record over its 18 years of experience in delivering results, on schedule and within budget, to a wide range of clients from federally-regulated governmental facilities to small private enterprises.

When it comes to Pugo Systems, we are not just promoting a product; we are also experts in preventing, evaluating, and solving environmental problems. While we are design engineers, we also continuously strive to understand the science behind what we do.

Our background in environmental engineering serves us well in understanding the interaction between onsite treatment systems and the physical, chemical and biological attributes of the soil, and the consequent impacts on ground- and surface-waters. We understand the significant environmental, economic, and social issues that arise as a result of surface and groundwater contamination from failing wastewater treatment systems: eutrophying wetlands, rivers and beaches can damage wildlife habitat, cause fish kills, close beaches due to public health risks, and devastate local fisheries. In our home state of New Mexico, nitrogen contamination in ground water resulting from septic systems has resulted in recorded cases of methemoglobinemia – blue baby syndrome – and infant mortalities.

Pugo Systems is our vision of what a shift in the perspective of wastewater treatment can bring.

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