Easy to Install

The 750 gallon concrete tank has three chambers, and each has its own function.

Collectively, it is designed to remove a high percentage of pollutants (BOD, TSS, and nitrogen) from wastewater through an aerobic treatment process.

Easy Access for Maintenance

The unit is designed with three openings, covered by risers, to provide easy access for maintenance and periodic sampling. Measurements of effluent quality using field instruments can be used to quickly assess the general performance of the system.

A Complete Unit

Pugo Systems comes complete and ready to install with all system components, including: gaskets, rubber boots, aerobic media, sanitary tees, PVC piping, needle valves, risers and riser lids.


Control Panel

The Pugo System requires a 120-volt AC power source to run its control panel. The power source can originate from a barn, a pole, or house; depending on the installation. The control panel provides power to the blower and also to the float control switch, monitors system operating conditions, and serves as both the high water alarm and the blower malfunction alarm.


control panel


Depending on the installation, applicable requirements, and lot size, drainage fields or other leaching structures are added after install of the Pugo Systems. The unit’s risers are flat with the ground, allowing the system to easily blend in with landscaping once new grass begins to grow in the excavated area.


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